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Planning on installing steel garage doors or any other type of garage doors? We compiled a list of some of the major considerations you should take into account before making a decision, by creating a garage doors material comparison chart that covers various garage door options. Furthermore, the following comparison chart would allow you as well to better understand the pros and cons of available garage doors.

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Steel Garage Doors vs. Aluminum Garage Doors vs. Wood Garage Doors vs. Fiberglass

Comparison Chart: Steel Garage Doors vs. Aluminum Garage Doors vs. Wood Garage Doors vs. Fiberglass:

  Steel Aluminum Wood Fiberglass
Durability Steel garage doors are quite durable, but can dent if struck. Cheaper versions of aluminium garage doors may dent easily. Wood garage doors Very durable. Fiberglass garage doors are moderately durable, but can fade in direct sunlight.
Maintenance Scratches need to be touched up promptly, or they will rust. Very low maintenance - aluminum does not rust. Requires regular repainting and refinishing, especially in harsh climates. Very low maintenance.
Sustainability Can be made from recycled metals, and recycled again when replaced. Can be made from recycled metals, and recycled again when replaced. Wood is a natural and renewable resource, but some wood products are more sustainable than others. Look for wood harvested from certified sustainable forests. Does not require much energy to produce.
Energy Efficiency (Insulation) Generally Steel garage doors have poor insulation, but insulation may be added to some models. Insulation is poor, yet similar to steel doors, insulation may be added to some models. Excellent insulation. Good insulation. Some models are translucent, reducing lighting demands inside the garage.
Appearance Broadest range of color options and molded styles. Can be easily dented, leading to a run-down appearance. May be made of less-expensive “paint-grade” wood, or of higher-quality “stain grade” lumber. May be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Poor quality fiberglass may fade to yellow in sunlight.
Security Very secure. Moderately secure. Moderately secure. Less secure.
Climatic Concerns Steel garage doors are prone to corrosion, especially in coastal areas. Does not rust like steel, but may still show some corrosion in coastal areas. Susceptible to rot and termite damage. Great for coastal areas where metal doors corrode quickly. May become brittle in cold weather.
Weight Moderate. Very light. Heavy. Very light.
Wind and Fire Resistance Steel garage doors are resistant to both wind and fire. Aluminum garage doors May be damaged by high winds. Wood garage doors are Susceptible to fire damage. Fibergalss garage doors may be damaged by high winds.
Cost (Two-Car door) $750 - $3,500 $1,500 - $2,000 $1,200- $4,000 $1,500 - $2,000
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Please note: The above data is provided for general information purposes only. Even though the best efforts were made to ensure its accuracy, such general information can never take into account differences between different products from different manufacturers, nor your unique personal circumstances and needs. It is therefore always recommended to seek advice from a qualified professional and carefully follow the relevant manufacturer's instructions.
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