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Thinking about purchasing faux stone panels? We compiled a list of some of the key considerations
you should take into account before making a decision, by creating a faux stone siding comparison chart
that covers other popular faux stone veneer alternatives. Simultaneously, the following comparison chart would help you as well to better understand the pros and cons of faux stone panels.

However, since different characteristics of different stone and rock siding types cannot be conveyed by words or images alone, we have also partnered with leading online stone siding wholesalers, and invite you to choose up to 5 Free Stone Siding Samples of any type, including faux stone panel samples.
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Faux Stone Panels Siding Comparison

Comparison Chart: Faux Stone Panels vs. Cultured Stone vs. Natural Stone Veneer:

  Faux Stone Panels Cultured Stone
(Panels & Individual)
Natural Thin Stone Veneer Panels
What is it made of Composites of a high-density polymer named polyurethane, which makes the panels highly resistant to impacts, and provides a significant thermal and noise insulation as well (with an R-value of approximately 4.5 per inch of thickness). Portland cement and aggregates (used to achieve a weight that would feel similar to real stone), in addition to oxides (used to achieve an appearance similar to real stone). The material is casted into molds that are designed in the forms of natural stone. Real natural stones (sandstone, travertine, quartzite, slate), quarried and processed into a thin veneer form.
Weight Very lightweight: each faux stone panel weighs only a few pounds (which is about one pound per square foot), which highly contributes to the ease of its installation. About 70% the weight of genuine natural stone, and thus feels very authentic. 7-12 lbs per square foot;
Relatively heavy, yet still lighter than a full-bed stone; Processing the stones into thin veneers to make them as lightweight as possible, allows for lower shipping rates and broader options for installations.
Methods of Installation Drill down or glued down (with screws or adhesives). Mortar; Several cultured stone products offer a mortarless, drill-down installation. Mortar.
Ease of Installation Easy; perfect for a DIY Installation, as opposed to real and cultured stone siding, that require a much higher level of craftsmanship; almost no power tools are required, as the panels can be easily cut and allow for a quick installation (any carpentry saw cutting tool would be enough); no dealing with messy mortar or any masonry skills should be required. Relatively easy, because of lower weight compared to authentic stone, and the advanced panel system (Individual cultured stones are offered as well). Similar to cultured stone, the panel system ease up the installation in the case of thin stone veneer as well (since the panels lock together like pieces of puzzle).
Cost (material prices) $6.00 - $9.00 /sq ft;
Relatively very low shipping costs, as faux stones are extremely lightweight. They are also significantly cost effective, in the sense of reduced labor costs thanks to their easy installation.
$4.00 - $11.00 /sq ft;
Lower shipping costs than natural stone, as it is a lighter material, though not as low as faux stone panels.
$4.50 - $10.00 /sq ft;
Relatively higher shipping costs, due to the heavy weight of real natural stone.
Total Cost (with Installaion) Click for Cost Estimate Click for Cost Estimate Click for Cost Estimate Click for Cost Estimate Click for Cost Estimate Click for Cost Estimate
Durability Very good durability; while not as tough as natural or cultured stone, Faux stone panels can stand up to a certain extent of abuse; Less resistant to scratches in case of an impact by a sharp object. Obtaining samples is recommended in order to compare and experiment its durability. Very good durability, designed to last for decades. Extreme durability which can be vouched by ancient castles that were built from stone centuries ago, and still standing today.
Care and Maintenance Virtually maintenance free; no sealing is required. faux stone panels can be cleaned with either a garden hose or a soft cloth. Very low maintenance, which makes cultured stone a popular choice as well. Can be power washed or hosed down with water periodically (about two times a year). A water based concrete sealer should be applied once, following the installation. All natural stone products would require a periodic sealing, in order to protect them from moisture and certain other elements; Acid-based cleaners should be generally avoided. follow the relevant product instructions.
Areas commonly used Both exterior and interior settings (wall covering, window trims, stacked skirts, house siding, commercial applications and more). If the faux panels are installed as a veneer for a fireplace, they should be distanced from the open flame by at least 12″. Exterior and interior siding (including fireplaces, backsplashes, and more). Exterior and Interior siding (including fireplace surrounds, skirting, accent walls and more).
Thickness 1 1/4″ - 1 3/4″ 1″ - 2 1/2″ 3/4″ - 1 1/4″
Dimensions According to the specific product chosen:
Stone Panels (Dry stack, Slatestone, Ledgestone): 6″-8″ wide x43″-47″ length;
Rock panels: 13″-15″ wide x46″-48″ length.
(corners available as well).
According to the specific product chosen:
5 Sq ft Individual stones;
5″ wide x 20″ length panels;
1″ - 4″ wide x 5″-18″ length panels; (+corners).
Panels: 6″ wide x 24″ length (+corners).
Appearance Thanks to today's technology advancements, Faux rock and stone siding panels can visually look just like the real thing. It is recommended to get samples and see for yourself how indistinguishable it is. Very similar feel and texture to that of a real stone, which makes it very difficult to tell apart. Each stone is absolutely, with a pattern that only a natural stone can have, that indicates how it was formed on earth. As opposed to faux and cultured stones, When natural stone gets chipped off, it would still retain its unique natural texture.
Climatic Suitability Faux stone panels can essentially be used in all types of climates, however in the very long run (period of decades), cultured stone and natural stone would probably be less vulnerable to extreme climate conditions (when used externally). Suits all types of climates. Suits all types of climates.
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